IRL invest in Health and Safety

IRL have implemented the following innovation that not only reduces the health and safety risks to an acceptable level but, in their application are reasonable, practicable and of benefit to users:

Safety is of paramount importance to IRL and working with suppliers, contractors and client to seek out new working methods and equipment will deliver solutions that benefit us all.

IRL review accident investigations, AFR, HSE accident statistical data, near miss and hazard Identification trends to determine where innovative measures are required to reduce the risk of harm. IRL have taken this information to a new level and whilst they have acted upon Noise and Dust Risk Assessments they have now implemented new health surveillance procedures to include more frequent hearing tests.They have achieved this by investing in an Audiology Booth.

The Acoustic Integrity of the Audiology Booth has be designed for the use of screening Audiometry tests and has been positioned in a secluded room that has been designed specifically for our Occupational Health Nurse.

The Audiometric Booth employs an outer skin of polyester painted steel and an inner face of specially perforated polyester painted galvanised steel. The integral acoustic absorbent infill is inert and non-combustible and is retained between the inner and outer skins forming the acoustic panels.

The finished panel thickness is 50mm thick and due to the bonded construction of the panel’s forms a uniform mass enhanced Acoustic Booth.

Prehistorically organising hearing tests proved quite difficult as the mobile testing booth was only available during certain times and scheduling this in with numerous contracts spread across the country was no mean feat. IRL employees can now be tested on a regular basis when they are booked in to see the occupational nurse.

SetWidth300 audiobooth
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