Pumabulk is based upon solvent free Polyurethane resin technology and is additionally reinforced with conventional graded silica sands. It is intended as an underlayment or infill for floor surfaces which require levelling prior to the application of a specified Pumaflor or Pumadur flooring system.

    Pumadur HF

    Pumadur HF is a heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Pumadur HF is designed with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.


    Pumaprime D.P.M is a two component, solvent free damp proof membrane designed for use as a coating over cementitious surfaces which posses high levels of residual moisture. Additionally, Resdev D.P.M may be employed over cementitious surfaces which have not been protected by an underlying moisture barrier.


    Pumatect is a two-component virtually solvent free epoxy floor coating offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Pumatect provides a tough, hard wearing coating for medium duty traffic giving high film build and wear resistance.


    Pumatect ‘V’ is a high build chemically resistant epoxy wall/ floor coating which provides the maximum protection in the minimum number of coats. Pumatect ‘V’ exhibits high levels of abrasion resistance and is used in conjunction with Pu- maflor resin flooring to produce a continuous seamless finish onto vertical surfaces.