Nestle Project Dove - “Safety Day” Event on 26th June at Buttercup Meadow

IRL Group recently exhibited at the Nestle “Safety Day” Event held on site at Project Dove, Tutbury to promote “Safety Awareness & Best Practice” for all site personnel including Nestle Management, Site Contractors and Site Suppliers, the event included guest speaker Ken Woodward, who gave a compelling talk on how important Site Safety is to everyone, and what happens when site safety is ignored and the consequences that can happen, all the more poignant due to the fact that Ken actually lost his sight in both eyes as a result of poor safety management, the event was held in two Marquees in Buttercup Meadow and had an excellent turnout, there was fundraising for “Children in Need”, a superb “Hog Roast”, there was a  “Tug-of War” competition (IRL came runners up!) and all the various suppliers had their latest safety equipment on display, with demonstrations taking place regularly, the event was well received by all who attended,  and there was no shortage of excellent advice given by the companies who supported this “Day Dedicated To Safety”  on how to ensure that site safety is the most important priority when working in what could be potentially hazardous environment.

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