Another Busy Christmas for IRL

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and give you a rundown of what we have been doing during the 2 week Christmas and New Year Shutdown.

During the period we successfully completed works for Clients in a range of industries where the need for continuous production is a must and windows for production to cease are limited to shutdown periods.

Our Clients come to us because they know they can rely on us to be prompt and efficient causing minimum disruption to their working pattern.

Vehicle Manufacturing Plant

  • 6000 sq metres Epoxy Coatings - Sikafloor 161/264
  • 25 tonne Sika Level 30 Pump Screed Installed
  • 7.2 miles Sikacor EG5 Line Marking
  • 300 sq metres Sikafloor 91 Epoxy Screed

Rail Industry

  • 1200 sq metres Sikafloor PurCem 20 9mm Screed
  • 4000 sq metres Sikafloor 161/264 broadcast system
  • 500 metres demarcation in Sikacor EG5

Major Plasterboard Manufacturer

  • 2000 sq metres Sikacor EG5 Pallett Storage & Pedestrian Safe Routes

East Midlands Fashion House

  • 200 sq metres Remmers Indu-color to timber deck

On a smaller scale but equally important to us .....

Food Manufacturing

  • 4 sq metres Sikafloor Purcem 20


  • 70 sq metres Metal Loading Dock Sika Pronto RB58 System

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